Miso Salmon Signature Joo Chait

Food, Drink and Gossip

A location for the community first then Food, Drink and Gossip


Established around the idea of being a place which is shared by people within the local community of Katong and Joo Chiat, a place which provides the opportunity to unwind, relax and connect. A place where you can enjoy a delicious meal of family sized contemporary western fusion food or casual gossips over a great tasting cup of coffee or refreshing beverages in a relaxing atmosphere.


The Communal Place takes a cue from the strong Peranakan and Eurasian heritage of our local area – we put social interaction and the idea of family food sharing as our inspirations. This is reflected in our approach to style of food and their portion, interiors and especially our dining tables modularity – we are able to cater for long table layout, to let family-style platters pass, allow the conversation to flow, creating a connection in the fragmented world.


Be it super long brunch, intimate dates night or amazing celebrations, The Communal Place is the place that let you feel welcome and to stay for while.
Our spacious interiors, causal aesthetics and flexibility of layout provides opportunities for get-togethers or and collaborative workshops.